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District Continues to Welcome Opinions From Community

PENDLETON – The Pendleton School District has started the process to develop its next 10-year plan for the direction and vision of the district. PSD has contracted with the company, Thoughtexchange, to direct an online learning process that allows communication from those affected by decisions made in the Pendleton School District. The process enables people to share their thoughts and priorities for the future of community schools.

The first step, called Share, was to gather input from students, parents, school staff and the Pendleton community to help district leaders better understand what is important to people in schools and in the district as a whole. Share has been completed.

The next two steps are:

  • STAR – review ideas from other stakeholders and star the ideas you like best. This begins June 3.
  • DISCOVER – learn what is important to the community as a whole

These are important steps in the development of long-term strategic thinking for our district. We believe the Thoughtexchange process provides a user-friendly, interactive way to elicit crucial community input,” said Jon Peterson, PSD Superintendent.

For more information, please contact the Pendleton District Office at 541-276-6711.

For more information on Thoughtexchange:

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