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Our classrooms are positive and nurturing environments where students and parents feel welcome.  All students will be challenged academically according to individual ability.  The social and emotional needs of the child will be integrated into the classroom instructional program.  Our staff will establish orderly routines and serve as models of positive interaction, stressing, cooperation and teamwork among children and each other.

Mission Statement

We believe in every student striving for success and are committed to providing opportunities for all to reach their highest potential.

We value uniqueness and individuality but also emphasize the importance of teamwork. 

We strive to create a positive and stimulating environment where staff and students care for each other.

All staff and students will work together to help everyone reach their fullest potential. 

Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect.

The following character traits will be emphasized:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Caring
  • Trustworthiness
  • Fairness
  • Citizenship

Our School Environment Is:

  • A positive atmosphere. 
    Children and staff demonstrate a joy for learning.  The classroom environment is productive and interactive.  Students and staff enjoy attending school.
  • Child centered. 
    Children and teachers are allowed to exercise choices at optimum times in their learning.  The established curriculum speaks to the interest of children, relates to their world and provides opportunity for inquiry.
  • An environment where students are mentally and physically engaged. 
    There is student movement, a productive noise level.  At times, the teacher is a facilitator of learning rather than its primary source.  Cooperative learning skills are evident.
  • Built around positive, established routines. 
    Students know what they can do and what they cannot do.  Rules and procedures serve to provide a safe and positive environment based on children’s needs.  These character education standards are practiced and modeled often.
  • A place where the child finds success. 
    Children are allowed to complete learning tasks according to individual learning rate, learning style and ability.  Our staff recognizes the interests and strengths of each child, values the child as unique and provides learning opportunities directed towards maximizing each child’s academic potential. 
  • A place where children feel safe and are willing to take risks. 
    Children and staff are actively involved in their learning, including goal setting and self assessment, and take pride in their personal accomplishments.  Students practice positive social interaction.  Taking risks in learning is reinforced.  Students display a trust and confidence in the adults and know that they are accepted and valued.  Students accept and value each other.
  • An environment where the physical space meets the learning needs of students. 
    Instructional materials are growth appropriate.  The space is open to allow movement.  Learning and technology resources are integrated within the curriculum and children’s work is displayed throughout the school.
  • A place where positive behavior is repeatedly modeled and practiced by adults and students. 
    Praise of effort is frequent.  Behavior problems are dealt with calmly and in a positive manner.  Cooperation and teamwork are emphasized.  Students and adults discuss choices, options and consequences.  Children help provide solutions to problems when appropriate.  Recognition is given to support Character Education frequently.
  • Community resources are actively sought to enrich the learning environment of students. 
    Parents and community are supported by the school and their involvement in the school is encouraged and welcomed.

    Developed by Lincoln Primary and Adopted Winter, 1997

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